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Space Is Not Empty

Harnessing the Power of Relational Fields to Impact Our World​
“Everything is Particles. Everything is Fields. Everything is Information.”

Physicist John Wheeler

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A Forthcoming Book

By Alan Briskin and Mary Gelinas

We use field to describe a space or territory in which a network of interactive forces—both visible and invisible—are radiating from sources inside and around us. Fields influence how we feel, think, and behave. We, and everyone around us, are participating in living fields of energy and information each and every moment—whether we are conscious of them or not.

Understanding and working with fields—particularly engendering conditions that nurture life-giving fields—is an important way to collaborate more effectively and with others to create a world that includes and works for everyone.

Space Is Not Empty will help you understand and recognize the way fields operate and influence fundamentally everything. We want to move from unconsciously behaving as if we were siloed parts to consciously operating from the reality that we live in dynamic networks of relationships—how all of us and everything around us are interconnected and inter-influential.

Five Things to Know About Fields

To enable all of us to perceive and work with fields, we identified three nesting fields: Personal, Social, and Noetic.

Fields (1) exist inside and around us; (2) affect us outside of conscious awareness; (3) are dynamic, distinguished by constant change, activity, or progress; (4) are multi-directional, fields affect us and we affect them; and (5) can be known, through measurement, trial and error, observation, and subjective experience.

We live in one interconnected reality of living fields from subatomic, atomic, to cosmic.

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Meet The Authors


Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D.

For over 40 years, Mary has been designing and leading innovative and inclusive approaches to solving complex issues in business, government, health care, and education in urban and rural organizations. She works as an executive thinking partner, consultant, process designer and facilitator, educator, and author. She has done groundbreaking work integrating brain research, contemplative practices, social psychology, and systems thinking, with organizational redesign projects and collaborative change processes in organizations and community-based policy development initiatives. She is the author of "Talk Matters! Changing the World One Word at a Time", a finalist for Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Alan Briskin, Ph.D.

Alan Briskin is regarded as a pioneer in the field of organizational learning and leadership development. Working with executives, managers, and teams for nearly forty years, he has specialized in systems change and collective wisdom. He held multi-year consulting contracts with Lucasfilm, Sutter Health, Western University, Kaiser Permanente, and the Goi Peace Foundation, headquartered in Japan, where he is senior advisor. He is the author of "The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace" co-author of "Daily Miracles" and "The Power of Collective Wisdom", winner of the Nautilus Award for Conscious Business and Leadership.


“This book will make a groundbreaking and vital contribution to the theory and practice of social transformation.”

Adam Kahane, director of Reos Partners and author of “Collaborating with the Enemy"

“Standing in the lineage of great books on consciousness and global change, this book will be a breakout work for anyone in the fields of transformational change—coaching, organization development, leadership and living systems.”

Marilee Adams, CEO of the Inquiry Institute and best selling author of “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life”

“This book draws insights from many fields to provide a new
perspective on our polarized era and could not be more timely.”

Pete Peterson, Dean, School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University

“This is an important book for both personal and planetary healing.”

Lauren Artress, Founder, Veriditas

“Space Is Not Empty will fill a crucial need helping us to bridge higher levels of consciousness with much-needed action.”

Jayne Warrilow, Founder, Sacred Changemakers

“Consciously and unconsciously we shape, share and are shaped by fields. Space Is Not Empty shows us how to work with these subtle fields, creating new agency for our lives, relationships, and the world.”

Tom Eddington, President, Conscious Leadership Guild, and CEO, Eddington Advisory Services

Space Is Not Empty is an essential read for anyone involved in transformational change.  

Field awareness, the discipline behind the book’s teachings, elevates and deepens any conversation about a new and better future.

Myron Rogers, Chair (retired) and Trustee, Lankelly Chase Foundation

Co-author, A Simpler Way, Consultant, large scale systemic change


“We spill over into the world and the world spills over into us.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

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